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How to Prepare for the Exam

Get to know the exam: Target PET contains lots of great information and advice to help you prepare for the exam:

Read the Exam guide in the Student’s Book and try the strategies for yourself.
Look at the practice exam and exam answer sheets in the Workbook so you know what the exam looks like and how you should complete it.
Look at the photographs and video of the speaking test, so you know what will happen in this part of the exam.
Use the CD-ROM and online practice tests to practise doing an exam with a timer.

Keep doing practice tests. Doing practice tests helps you review the language and get used to the way the exam works. You will feel more relaxed if you know what to expect in the exam. There are practice tests in the Exam guide in the Student’s Book, in the Workbook, on the CD-ROM and on this website.

Use the Student’s Book to prepare and review. Look at your book before class so you can think about the topic you will talk about and which words you might want to use. Then make sure you review what you studied after class.

Study what you need for the exam. Use the Wordlist and vocabulary list to get to know what language may be tested in the exam. Make sure you learn these words and phrases before other language.

Learn useful phrases. Do you know how to start and end a letter? Do you know how to ask for help if you don’t understand? Learn these phrases now – you will need them in the exam!

Practise answering questions – but don’t learn answers. In the speaking test, the examiner will ask you about your school, your hobbies and your family. Practise asking and answering different questions about these topics with your friends.

Choose a regular study place and time. Work out where and when you study best – then set a time to study and stick to it. If it helps you, take short breaks and give yourself a little reward after you finish studying (for example, relax and watch TV for 30 minutes).

Make your own flashcards. Make some small cards. Write the English word on the front and a translation or a picture on the back. Use the cards to review words on the train or the bus.

Talk to other people who have done the exam. Ask students who have done the exam to tell you what it was like and how they studied. They might have some good advice for you.

After the exam… Think about your experience and what you learned. Will you prepare differently for your next exam?

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